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  1. Has your application status changed or does it still show under review?
  2. Congratulations! Are you accepted to the regular stream or the executive?
  3. No, not at all. They are fairly lenient overall. However, written portion is strict on time.
  4. Thanks! A lot of people here mentioned that Zoe sent them an outline for the presentation, I did not receive one. I am applying the Executive stream, are the people that received the outline applying to the regular stream?
  5. Hi @NanBD Was the writing task topic about Health Informatics? Or was the Case Study a random topic? thanks Good Luck!
  6. I've received an email for interview as well. Sorry to hear from the folks that didn't get called for an interview. If any of you need any guidance on getting into the field, feel free to PM me.
  7. Did you apply to eMHI or the regular stream? Has anyone from the eMHI heard back yet?
  8. The HI program that I completed was more theoretic than application. I completed the program quite some time ago, prior to entering the workforce. It was a good program overall, however, for someone wanting to work in the field that can only go to college and not do a masters, I would recommend them taking more application and hands on type courses as it will be easier to land a job. However, it depends on the person's background, skill set, experience, etc. I've worked in the field for quite some time now in a variety of roles. The reason I'm applying for a masters is mainly because they have an executive stream that allows me to continue working while going to school, the courses offered will help me in my current role and with my company in the long run, and lastly because my work has offered to reimburse some of the fees. Also, having a masters degree will make me more marketable allowing me to jump into senior level roles a lot easier.
  9. I've done a grad diploma a few years back in HI at a college. Looking to get my MHI now.
  10. Hi, I've applied as well. My status is showing under review. Have you been contacted for an interview?
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