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    Haiku's about Grad Cafe

    Some Haiku's about Grad Cafe: (If you find any enjoyment out of these create your own. If you find absolutely no enjoyment sorry I added to this tread for a class project) Tall Skinny Mocha This Forum tells me I am Decaf oh hell no Whispers on the bus Say goodbye to my stipend I uber to class Twenty three I am Studying for my M.A. Still eating ramen
  2. Adriane Swetland

    Columbus, OH

    The best place to live for young professionals is in Grandview or Victorian Village. Both are super close to OSU, and easily accessible by car, bus, or bike! Prices range as well. There are a lot of luxury apartments popping up that would cost around 1600 a month for a two bedroom, single bedrooms range from 750-1300. Either way your are looking at least 700$ a month. If you find it cheaper it will be further away or poor quality. Grandview and Victorian Village are also a 3-5 minute uber ride from downtown and the short north

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