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  1. I have a basic question that I have asked of most faculty members/staff where I work, and have gotten a different answer every single time. I want to know a few key things regarding a DrPH in epidemiology when compared to a PhD in epidemiology. Is a DrPH really viewed as less prestigious when compared to a PhD? Can someone with a DrPH conduct focused research (ie cancer, chronic, infectious diseases)/is a PhD preferred for this? Do graduates with a DrPH usually obtain jobs with "Hard Funding" (guaranteed funding not dependent on grant money)? What are the pros and cons of
  2. Thank you so much for the reply Beaudreau, I would like to stay away from the undergraduate scene if possible as I will be completing my doctorate and will likely live in isolation for 3 years. Thank you for the insight! -Noah
  3. Hello, I was recently accepted to TAMU for a three year doctoral program in epidemiology. I'm wondering the atmosphere of the area, currently living in Tampa, FL and I'm used to a more moderate sized city. Are there things to do, worried I might be stuck in a place I don't like for three years (which is why I am considering alternative acceptances despite it being so highly ranked in public health).
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