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  1. I have almost finished an MA in English and I'm considering going on for a PhD in Education in Canada. All of the admissions pages I'm seeing say that you need an MA in a "related subject" or "area" to be considered for an Education PhD. Does English count? Would it be possible to be admitted into an Education program without having a BA or an MA in a field related to education? Thanks
  2. My spouse was accepted at UBC, U of Alberta, and Western Ontario. He will probably be attending UBC's SLAIS program -- anyone else?
  3. My spouse applied to UBC's SLAIS program and was accepted, and will probably be accepting their offer. Like you say, it is a solid program and I hear it has a great reputation.
  4. I am friends with a colleague who posted his acceptances, and I was nothing but happy for him even though he was accepted to my top choice and I was rejected. Honestly, I was glad to know that acceptances had gone out for these programs, even though I was eventually rejected. I don't think it's conceited to post happy, life-altering news, even if you are friends with colleagues who are applying to the same programs.
  5. My spouse checked his application status online a few days ago and it says "accepted", but he hasn't received any email or mail yet. It certainly does happen, and it's a bit frustrating because we don't know anything about finances or acceptance deadlines to that particular program.
  6. Yay, congratulations! (Tell me your secret!)
  7. Are visits essential for all PhD applicants? It seems like it would be difficult to manage for people who applied to a bunch of programs. I did not visit anywhere, and now I am even more worried about rejections.
  8. Last year I received an acceptance email at 9am on a Saturday. I actually went back in my email to find it so I could see whether I needed to freak out on weekends this time around!
  9. English PhD concentrating in medieval literature: University of Alberta University of British Columbia University of Western Ontario I know it's not many, but I really couldn't afford any additional applications.
  10. Hi, I'm studying at a Canadian university as a US citizen. I know some people who brought their partners along, and they all say that getting a work permit was an easy process. Canada takes a very liberal approach to counting partners as common-law, even if they're unmarried (I think if you've lived together for at least a year than your partner will count as common-law). Here is the website that will explain it in greater detail. As for finding work, both of the partners of the US students I know found work easily and are happy with their salaries. My husband and I have been here for alm
  11. Hi, my husband is applying for 3 MLIS programs (he has an MA in English) and he needs to send out the SoPs as soon as possible. He sent it to some of our professors for feedback, but they're so busy since it's the end of the term that we don't know when they can get to it. We were wondering if someone here could give him some feedback before we send them out on Monday. We're not exactly sure what a good MLIS SoP would look like, so any feedback from someone who does would be greatly appreciated. Send me a PM if you wouldn't mind taking a look, and I will look over your SoP or writing sample
  12. FAQ: The "Snake Fight" Portion Of Your Thesis Defense. BY LUKE BURNS http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2010/11/19burns.html - - - - Q: Do I have to kill the snake? A: University guidelines state that you have to "defeat" the snake. There are many ways to accomplish this. Lots of students choose to wrestle the snake. Some construct decoys and elaborate traps to confuse and then ensnare the snake. One student brought a flute and played a song to lull the snake to sleep. Then he threw the snake out a window. Q: Does everyone fight the same snake? A: No. You will fight one of the many snakes
  13. Hello, I am also about to send in my writing sample, and I would happy to swap the first couple pages with someone. Mine is on medieval literature, so it would be a bonus if any medievalists would take a look. PM me if you're interested, thanks!
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