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  1. I haven't heard anything back either. I didn't apply to Waterloo
  2. I got an interview for UofT!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!! Sorry some people didn't get interview. Feel free to pm me for my experiences.
  3. for those preparing for interviews, I found one of the insiders at Mac eHealth for advice (https://www.mingli.ca/)
  4. I got an interview invite from Mac eHealth! SO EXCITED! Still waiting on UofT though.
  5. I saw you guys mention there were previous years thread, I'm just posting the links here so we all have the link lol 2016 McMaster eHealth and UofT MHI 2017 McMaster eHealth and UofT MHI
  6. I also keep refreshing my email lol!!! I applied to both McMaster eHealth program and UofT MHI. It's March, and I haven't heard anything yet!
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