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  1. bam44942

    0a/0w/5r/7ap : what does it mean ?

    As I understand, from left to right, this would be 13 acceptances/2 wait list/0 rejections/4 potential admission responses. For the “ap”, I would guess that’s total applications one submitted for this admission year.
  2. Hello Everyone, I am currently waiting to hear back from all my applications, but I have been accepted into King's College Ma conversion degree in philosophy. I'd like to ask you a few questions regarding the experiences of those who attended King's: 1. When did you apply for other postgrad programs while at King's? I would like to go directly from King's Ma program into my next program without taking another year off. Since their program is only a year, I don't know how this is feasible (I am an American. So, this may just be a cultural misunderstanding of applications/semesters.) 2. Were you offered any type of funding? If not, did you find scholarships outside of the school? I wasn't offered any type of funding, but I don't believe this style of Ma offers funding. If you're from the UK, you may not have looked since the disparity of cost for UK students to outside of the UK is substantial. 3. If you were a conversion student, do you feel as though the program adequately prepared you for your future postgraduate goals in the broad scope of philosophy? How well did the program prepare you for your specialization in philosophy? 4. Did the school offer support for students who wish to publish some of their work? Is there a Ma in philosophy community in which students present papers, whether or not they met publishing standards? Thanks for your time!

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