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0a/0w/5r/7ap : what does it mean ?


Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if the question was already asked or if the answer is already explained somewhere on the website. I am not an American grad student, and I don't understand the results some people post when they notify the outcome of their application; it seems that everyone here understands what they stand for. It's a combination of numbers and letters such as:

13a/2w/0r/4p    or    2A/3WL/9R    or       3A/1W/1W     or   0a/0w/5r/7ap 

Can someone please tell me what it means?

Could it be the list of all application outcomes this person received? like "accepted at 13 programs, waitlisted for 2, 0 rejection, 4 ??? (p)" for the first one?

Thank you!

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2 hours ago, CelineH said:


 As I understand, from left to right, this would be 13 acceptances/2 wait list/0 rejections/4 potential admission responses. For the “ap”, I would guess that’s total applications one submitted for this admission year. 

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