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  1. Is there anyone who has received an offer from University of Michigan for PhD in Structural Engineering??
  2. For anyone waiting for a decision from Berkeley, the following was their answer regarding the decisions for Phd in SEMM : By now all decisions have been made. If you have not received an email by today - I would suggest you look at other offers. Maribel ~~Admissions Staff Academic Affairs Office Civil and Environmental Engineering 750 Davis Hall UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720-1710
  3. No, after our interview - discussion I sent an email to thank him for the opportunity to discuss with him. He replied in a very positive and friendly manner and mentioned that he will be in touch soon. So I have not sent him anything since, but the deadline is approaching and have not heard back from him. In the results page there isn't anything about Phd in structural engineering in UMich. So I guess we can only wait.
  4. Hello, I have applied to the following PhD programs : UC Berkeley, MIT, Caltech ( No decision yet ) U Michigan ( No decision, although I had a quite positive interview with a professor in January ) UT Austin ( Admitted, but not a word about funding although I applied to the MS/PhD track ) Anyone who has more news on the decisions for these schools ??
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