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  1. Master of Architecture (M.Arch) - 2018

    Hi all! Thanks for making this thread, and congrats on the acceptances, Mies! Anyone else in the boat of being accepted to several schools with the same admitted students day?? Berkeley, GSAPP, Oregon, and UVA have all decided that April 9 is *the day* for open houses... So frustrating. Following the above format: Applied to Berkeley, GSD, GSAPP, Yale, MIT, Oregon, and UVA Admitted: Berkeley ($$), GSD, GSAPP ($$), Oregon, UVA Waitlisted: Yale No word from MIT I'm interested in interdisciplinary arch/environmental design/public interest work and am currently trying to decide between the very different programs of Berkeley, GSD, and GSAPP. Would love to know if anyone is having a similar debate. @Indiarchitect, I applied for the 3 yr program at Berkeley. haven't heard whether the 2 yr acceptances have been announced yet... good luck! All my best to you guys out there.