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  1. miesvanderrohe

    M.Arch w/ non-traditional experience

    Glad I was able to help ease some of your anxieties! SCI-Arc has a high acceptance rate even compared to other independent art schools like RISD and Pratt largely due to the combination of: 1) Expensive tuition/relatively small scholarship opportunities 2) Polarizing pedagogy 3) Diminishing interest in an architecture degree Hope that doesn't rekindle or create new anxieties for you 😂 Architecture is a very versatile degree and the core skills that are taught are very valuable across a wide spectrum of careers should you choose to not take the traditional architect career path.
  2. miesvanderrohe

    M.Arch w/ non-traditional experience

    Hello! Applying can be an intimidating process but it sounds like you're right on target (especially with the pesky GRE conquered). Not having a background in design and/or architecture on paper is actually seen as a positive... every open house I attended specifically mentioned this. Not only is it very common but they WANT a diverse group on individuals that are tapping into unique backgrounds and experiences. Where the challenge lies for non-design students is the portfolio. They are at a disadvantage to those that have trained and practiced in making things visually and creatively compelling (what they're primarily looking for in a portfolio). With that said it's not very hard to catch up... most people that are interested in architecture usually have already taken design/art classes in the past and possess a natural aptitude to aesthetics in general. It's too bad that summer is almost over because many US schools (Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, SCI-Arc, Berkeley, UCLA, etc.) offer a pre.M.Arch summer program that would have been perfect for you. With that said, I'd really suggest taking some design classes, workshops, and/or tutoring to specifically help you with your portfolio if you haven't done so already. Good luck! P.S. SCI-Arc is a fantastic school and they attract some of the most talented students I've ever seen.... BUT... it's not very hard to get in (for better or worse) so don't be afraid to apply there.
  3. miesvanderrohe

    April 15th on a Sunday?

    When schools say decisions are due on the 15th does that mean by the end of the day of the 15th?
  4. miesvanderrohe

    UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    You're right, you really don't need a car. When I went to my department's open house several students expressed regret for bringing a car even though "everybody" says you "need" a car in LA. This isn't really true for most USC students who are living nearby. You're in a very central location with plenty of public transportation options. In addition to public transportation USC offers free shuttles to areas like downtown LA and Marina Del Rey. Also as a cherry on top, USC offers free rideshare (Campus Cruiser) in and around campus... you can take it anywhere within their boundaries including one of the many grocery stores close by.
  5. miesvanderrohe

    Master of Architecture (M.Arch) - 2018

    Thanks! I applied for the 3 year, I think they are still working on the 2 year apps, good luck! Thanks, congrats to you also, fantastic results! Ouch, I'd like to add that UCLA also decided to have one of their open house days on April 9... interesting that so many schools picked the same day.
  6. I know a bunch of you are out there, why don't we have our own thread? xD Anyways, lets talk, it's better here than Archinect.. that place is full of curmudgeons. I applied at Berkeley, GSAPP, MIT, GSD, UPenn, UCLA, SCI-Arc, and USC. Accepted: Berkeley ($$), UPenn ($$), UCLA, SCI-ARC, and USC ($$$) Rejected: MIT, GSD Pending: GSAPP
  7. miesvanderrohe

    Berkeley, CA

    Anybody living in Berkeley care to chime in with some insights on living there? Here are some tidbits I've found through my research (Berkeley people please correct me if I'm wrong): International House (I-house) is the most desirable on campus housing North Berkeley/north of campus is the safest area within walking distance of campus "Gourmet Ghetto" in North Berkeley is a collection of very nice and unique restaurants Stay away from Peoples Park South of campus gets sketchy very quickly If there are protests/riots they often start south of campus and end up in Downtown Berkeley Use campus shuttle/door-to-door/escort service at night, don't walk home alone at night Don't put your guard down even on campus Parking is often at capacity plus parking garages have been targets for muggers so commuting isn't desirable
  8. Yeah at first I was surprised so many people were mispelling Carnegie Mellon until I saw that the autofill suggested all sorts of messed up spellings lol.
  9. miesvanderrohe

    Favorite Rejection Quotes from the Results Page

    Not a quote but I think it's amusing how many people misspell Carnegie Mellon...

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