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  1. See you two in September!
  2. I just looked at his post history. He got accepted to Indigenous Health. I got nervous for a sec, I thought I got cut on the first round of epi results 😅😅
  3. Congrats! What stream? And do you mind sharing your credentials? I applied for epi but haven't heard back yet.
  4. She didn’t tell me when, she just told me that it’s likely not going to happen in late March. I found it confusing since she also said there’s a lower pool of applicants 🤷‍♂️ On a similar note, I got rejected from their PhD program earlier than expected lol. Idk what’s up with their schedule. I’m just blindly believing her since she’s a bit high up on the ladder and I have no other source of info.
  5. UofT MPH epi pushed the deadline for apps by a week because they had a lower number of applicants compared to previous years. My prof (on the admissions committee) said the first wave of results will most likely come out some time in April, not late March according to their website. Good luck and hope yall get in! edit: UofT MSc biostats results got released yesterday (or 2 days ago?) if anyone's interested in that
  6. The person I replied to specifically asked, "is it reasonable to assume that if I haven't heard back yet it's likely a rejection?". And I answered their question. I don't work in the admissions committee and nor do you, but preparing for the worst outcome is the best thing anyone could do in this situation. Talking about stuff like this is literally one of the main purposes of this entire forum. Sorry, I have no clue. I'm guessing it might be different since different programs have different student quotas, so some programs may be stricter or more liberal with sending out offers.
  7. According to my epi prof who sits in the admissions committee, they send out offers of admission to a few applicants (early admission), and those applicants have to make a decision by a certain date (they give applicants 2 weeks to decide, but lets use April 1st as an example). After April 1st, the admissions committee will count how many spots they have left in the program and send more offers based on the space they have left. Then they keep doing this until they get the amount of students they want in the program. Official rejections will come afterwards. That is to say that you haven't been rejected yet. But my advice is that you should assume that you've been rejected and start planning your summer and fall to improve your CV (e.g. find employment related to your field, get published, etc.). I'm doing the same since I didn't get in the first wave of UofT epi
  8. Congratulations! I hope I get an offer too some day Do you mind sharing your credentials and if there are any conditions for your offer?
  9. They send more than 42. They expect some people to drop/reject the offer of admission and some people get waitlisted
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