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  1. Hi Dan_H! Thanks and Congratulations to you too!! GPS seems like a great school! and the reason for your decision was very helpful.
  2. Hi and thank you for your comment! From your experience in San Diego, is it possible to live without cars? I'm a bit worried because I will only be studying for one year and I'm not sure if I can buy a car for that short of a period
  3. weimala, Congrats! and thank you for the advice! I work in the public sector and I will go back after I graduate. Most of the people I work with are Fletcher or SAIS alumni. What are UCSD alumni focused on?
  4. Hi! I got accepted to the following programs (all one year) and I can't decide! 1. Master of Arts (MA), The Fletcher School, Tufts University 2. Master of International Public Policy (MIPP), SAIS, Johns Hopkins University 3. Master of Advanced Studies in International Affairs (MAS-IA), GPS, UCSD 4. MSc International Strategy and Diplomacy, LSE My interests are IR, strategy, and security. When I consider location, I think UCSD is attractive but Fletcher and SAIS network are strong! LSE also has a very good program. I don't have to worry about scholarships because my workplace is going to pay for them. I would appreciate if I could get some advice!
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