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  1. viktorria

    Boren 2018-2019

    Hi friends, I'm an AFLI alternate and I got an e-mail yesterday asking me to confirm my dates/budget/ability to attend the summer session. Trying to keep my cool . Hope all of you hear something soon.
  2. viktorria

    Boren 2018-2019

    Hi, all! Congrats all, whether you were accepted or not! Something new and fun is around the corner, regardless. I'm an alternate for AFLI/Senegal/French. Accepted AFLI-ers, would you mind sharing what date they listed for when you had to accept/reject? Thanks!
  3. viktorria

    Boren 2018-2019

    Hello all! I'm an AFLI hopeful. Looking to study French in Senegal. Just had my pre-OPI yesterday to determine eligibility. Really can't wait to hear the results and wanted to have a group to anxiously await with Victoria

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