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  1. Applied to non thesis because it’s one year, and is designed to provide a quicker entry into PhD programs, structured to culminate in an essay/review of literature that supports doctoral fieldwork. I think it’ll help improve my profile through grad experience and external validation as an anthropologist (since I wasnt in the field in undergrad) Applied to my Alma mater for faculty, it’s a well established program, and is comfortable and familiar! Placement is decent, 65% in full time faculty/research roles.
  2. Hi everyone! I have to make this decision by next Tuesday (3/27) and I’m at a loss. I applied to about 8 schools this round and didn’t fare so well with an undergraduate interdisciplinary degree in Global Studies, despite a high gpa and undergrad publication. I’ve been accepted to a one year non-thesis MA social anthropology program at Concordia university (MTL), which I’m hoping could be a launching point to help me reapply to some fancier programs. But I’ve also received full funding from my Alma mater, Temple University’s Anthropology full PhD program, which is pretty exciting!! What should I do?? The clock is ticking and I’m at a loss...
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