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  1. I interviewed mid last month. Didn't hear back since..
  2. Thank you both - Eigen and Samman Your advice is invaluable. Thank you for helping out clueless individuals like me in this community
  3. @Eigen I have studied the material in my high school. Further, because I took Organometallics Chemistry which had a mechanistic approach, I was allowed to skip it. I did an independent project course instead. I am not based in the US
  4. Hello everyone, I am a rising senior studying at a small liberal arts college where I major in Physical Sciences with a focus in Chemistry. I hope to study total synthesis in graduate school and have started working towards that goal. I have taken p.chem, inorg, and organometallics. However, I have not taken Ochem. Now, here is the catch, I was the TA for the course and carried out tutorial classes with them. In the fall, I would be taking retrosynthesis course. I know it sounds odd. However, would it hurt my chance? ## I have 4.5/5 GPA, done 2 summer research projects
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