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  1. Hi, I am an international student accepted to a masters program at Columbia University. I need to get the Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) from the university to get a private loan from a US based financial institution and to apply for F-1 visa. However, in order to be eligible for I-20, I need to prove that I have all the necessary funds to study at Columbia. This is a deadlock. Why'd I need a private loan if I already had the necessary funds? Or maybe I am missing something here. Am sure other international students going to Columbia would have similar questions.
  2. I have been accepted to the dual MS program in Journalism and Computer Science at Columbia University. Columbia Journalism school has offered aid of $36,250 for 2018-19. Even if I manage to get the same amount for 2019-20, then too the remaining expenses (including tuition and living) is about $150,000. Coming from a middle class family in India, it is impossible for me to pay this much fees. I asked the office of admissions and financial aid at the J-School if they could increase the aid amount, but they turned down my request. There are certain universities like Chicago and UPenn where stude
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