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  1. rsa

    Atlanta, GA

    How is Georgia Tech's graduate student housing (10th and Home and the Graduate Living Center)? How does it compare to renting an apartment in Midtown - financially and otherwise? Being an international student from a country that is very underrepresented at Georgia Tech, I'm very inclined to want to try the graduate housing to meet new people. It would also be nice to live on campus so that I don't have to buy a car and I can get the whole university experience. I don't mind walking a lot. I lived in a university residence for 4 years in my undergraduate school (even had to share a room with someone for three years) so I'm quite used to living with other people I don't know well.
  2. Hi guys! I'm a South African EE undergrad that got admitted to MS CS at Georgia Tech I haven't made a final decision yet,but I think I will accept the offer - I got rejected from all the other schools I applied to (Stanford, UT Austin and UCSD). It's pretty clear to me that the degree offers a pretty good ROI and job prospects, but I've never been to the GT campus or even to the state of Georgia, so I was just wondering what the quality of life in Atlanta is like? I'm also very curious if any South Africans have been admitted to Georgia Tech this season? Are you thinking of accepting? I'm guessing it's unlikely, but who knows - it's worth a shot to ask.
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