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  1. Thank you indeed. So I have studied C and DS (data structures) as a part of my BEng degree in the very first year but yes my GPA is average so may be that's the only quibble here. May be they are looking for hard-core coders/CS or IT folks. I believe Ottawa is a really different place with comparatively lesser opportunities in healthcare.
  2. Yes mate, I did check my trash and spam but there's nothing. I tried reaching out and there's no answer. I reckon I am at the end of my rope, they've already started rejecting good candidates. This should be the last week for the interviews. They take a few international candidates, just like any other Canadian school more focus is on the domestic students.
  3. *Mid march Do let me know if someone is in the same boat.
  4. Hi dardalys098, I have drafted an email, but they are too slow to answer. Initially they told me that my profile was decent enough but I am just a little surprised that I didn't get to hear from them. I spoke to Iris in mid February and she told me that they would be sending out more offers. May be they've received quite a lot of applications this time. Fingers crossed.
  5. Hi guys, I am an international bloke and applied to eHealth somewhere around September 2017. Is there any one else who's not received an interview call yet? Is the interview phase over? Congrats to all who got in Cheers!
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