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  1. Yes..I have applied for masters in HI..Not yet..how about you?
  2. Hi. I am planning to apply for Masters in Health Informatics In UOIT, Oshawa, ON for Fall 2019. I would like to connect with other people who are also planning to apply for fall 2019.we can share our thoughts, experiences, application status and questions regarding the application process.
  3. hi!! how was your interview???I didn't receive any email from graduate office...Did anyone??
  4. I did my interview this weekend...Most of all behavioral questions and wanted to know Why I applied for ehealth?My interview was average... It could be better.. I guess..so nervous...
  5. You can mail to Iris regarding this...she is active and helpful..i mailed her before and she replied me shortly...wish u good luck dear...
  6. Hello. nice to know that many of us received the invitation email.As well as I got.My one is on next weekend.Fingers crossed.
  7. Hi! I guess they accept approximately 45 people, that what I found out from my own research.It is competitive, so hope for the best.
  8. Thank you, Aabena....we all are super tensed.... a little bit of information keep us motivated...and add an energy to be more patience...
  9. Hi...I have applied to masters in ehealth at mcmaster...did anyone gets interview call?
  10. I emailed to iris and she told me they are still reviewing the applications, and they will notify us in few weeks.The interview has not started yet.If you got any update regarding the admission process please feel free to notify here.
  11. I applied for Masters in eHealth at Mcmaster University.Created this topic to communicate with other applicants about the further admission procedure, Any ideas, questions, and comments about this subject is highly appreciated.
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