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  1. Hi Guys This maybe basic but I have never done a power point pres on Zoom! When I share my screen Do I still see the participants in the meeting? If I go into presenter view on my screen does the meeting participants see my presenter screen or do they see the slides I am not sure what year my power point is ?2013. I am only using one monitor Thanks for your help cheers!
  2. Hi guys, I am hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction! This comes up (below) in my reference list -I am not sure why? I am using APA 7th edition-I have tried changing reference type to generic but does not work-its happening with journal articles, reports, book section as well... [Record #830 is using a reference type undefined in this output style.] Any guidance/solutions appreciated! Thanks
  3. Thanks -it was actually the librarian who suggested that I manually change the citations in my word document from RefWorks to End note-was hoping someone may have different suggestions!
  4. Hi everyone-first time poster and I am looking for advice. I am in my third year PhD Humanities. I usually use RefWorks which is provided free of charge through my University library. I have just found out that the library will not be renewing their subscription at the end of the year. Does any one know if you can do an individual subscription to Ref Works? I have funding so I can subscribe. I was also considering End Note-student version. My main concern is that I have started writing my thesis- I have the Introduction and Methodology completed with over 100 citations. Would I
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