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  1. I just got the e-mail from Pickering. I'm an alternate. Did you hear back?
  2. Yeah, I am also now waiting for Pickering. Is there a reason you decided not to apply to Rangel?
  3. Wow! Thank you for that. Well, I hope we both get some positive news in the coming days/weeks.
  4. Good luck to you as well! I was thinking about that too. On one hand, it is encouraging to know that 50% more applicants will be accepted. On the other hand, COVID could have potentially raised the number of applicants drastically or potentially lowered it (I also think the former might be a bit more possible). They don't ever release official statistics, do they?
  5. I thought the same; however, I saw it says the 17th on a lot of their webinars and parts of their site. My guess is it will be either tomorrow or Wednesday. Fingers crossed!
  6. Did you apply to both Rangel and Pickering? Any idea when we should hear back?
  7. Hi, everyone! I figured I would start a forum for those who applied to Rangel and Pickering this year.
  8. When do you think they will officially announce the 2018 finalists? Will this be a for sure no to all the alternates at that point?
  9. Just out of curiosity, have any alternates heard back anything?
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