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  1. I called them once I started applying, but make sure the department wants to hear from students because some dont! I looked into professors that I had common interests with and emailed them as well and provided new information about what I was learning at my job (I worked at a school for students with special needs). Some schools definitely look out for students that show a strong interest, out of all of the applications they receive it can definitely help you stand out!
  2. I feel like it depends on the programs you are applying to and the area you are looking at! I am from the NJ/NY/PA/D.C area and got into schools in all 3 states with a 3.2 GPA and average GRE Scores after waiting a year. I worked for a year, had killer recs and a personal statement, and CALLED the departments on a biweekly basis as well as emailed the programs to show to show my continued interest. Some programs look at students more holistically than others. I applied to 10 schools and got into 2 of them, then waitlisted at 5 (3 of which I got a yes from after frequent follow ups). Persistence is definitely KEY! Good Luck!
  3. Does it matter if I am more interested in Medical/Rehab SLP versus a school setting?
  4. I applied in December and was accepted in mid - February. Initially I really enjoyed the program and the admissions counselors made me feel very important by always calling and following up with my application, they even called me when I was accepted into the program. However, I felt a little pressured because I had to put down a $500 deposit by the end of February when I wouldn’t find out from other programs I applied to until April. I obviously put down my deposit to save my seat, especially because our field is becoming so competitive! I really connected with my admissions counselor, so when I had 3 different ones(introduced through email) after her I became a little less interested and felt like I was just another student being passed along. Also- I was told I had to retake FIVE prerequisites for the program when I graduated with an undergraduate degree in communication sciences. 3 were because the syllabus said the course “didn’t provide enough information about a,b &c”, 1 because I received a b- which didn’t match up with their B minimum requirement, and another because I received a C, which I was ok with retaking (I figured it would be a good refresher). That made the program 6 trimesters for me (may 2018-fall 2020) when I was told I would be graduating in May 2020. When I had sent in new syllabi for the 3 courses they didn’t get back to me until AFTER I had to register for classes so i registered for all prerequisite courses initially. Overall just a very frustrating situation and I felt lost within the program, when I initially felt wanted by them. I decided to give up my seat after I was removed off the waitlist at other schools (then finally got calls from them again). You also only have 3 practicums as opposed to the minimum of 5 I would receive from other programs I was accepted to. If you need to work part time/have a family I really don’t think the program is a bad option but for me I just didn’t think I would academically succeeed in an online classroom without the constant support and face to face interactions! It doesn’t seem like the coursework online is the same as in class though, which is great! I also live in NJ so it didn’t make much sense when I got into another city school in the area. Good Luck to those enrolled though, I’m sure I’m just one of those bizzare situations!
  5. I wound up calling ASHA and they said they should be accredited no problem, its just because the program is new. At this point, I am wondering if it would be more beneficial to go to GW or Monmouth. GW seems to be more well known nationally. I am more concerned if the name of a school matters at this point!
  6. It isn't really about spending money, I am just wondering if it is reasonable to spend that amount on a graduate program when I have a cheaper option that is going to become accredited in 2019.
  7. I heard it really does not matter where you receive your Masters from. I dont know how true this is though. However, right now I am struggling on my decision of where I would like to go. I received a decision early on from GW, which I was/am excited about - but living in D.C. is super expensive. I was going to make it work because it was my only option! Until recently, I was moved off the wait-list at NY Med and Monmouth. Monmouth would be the cheapest since I can commute, however it is in pre-accreditation until 2019 so I am not sure what that means for me as a student and when I graduate when doing my CFY! Ive heard great things about all of the programs, however GW & NYMed are double the cost of Monmouth. I want to make a decision soon so other people can take my seat (the struggle is real). I know that MYMed is more medically based, and being in a city area might give me a lot of opportunities as well if I go to GW. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I am interested in the medical side of SLP, rather than the school setting. However I am open to both sides right now!
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