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    Rising Senior Profile Evaluation

    Thank you for your thoughts! I'll definitely be thinking about these suggestions going into next year.
  2. Hey all I’m a rising undergrad senior who’s been lurking on the forum for a while. I’m a little overwhelmed with the process and was hoping to get a sober appraisal of my odds and more importantly, some actions points for going into my senior year. Type of Undergrad Institution: Top 30 Liberal Arts Major(s)/Minor(s): Public Policy & Business Analytics double with a concentration in Data Science Undergrad GPA: 3.60 GRE: Taking in mid July, I’m in my 5th week of studying and getting high 320’s (169V, 159Q) on diagnostics Any Special Courses: Some data science and advanced econometrics Letters of Recommendation: One from thesis advisor, unclear on others Research Experience: Honors thesis in the works, working with advisor who is relatively well known in the subfield Subfield/Research Interests: American Politics/ Legislative Theory Obviously I have a low GPA but I think I can put up some good numbers on the GRE. I have a few broad questions: What should I be doing to “pimp out” my thesis. Should I be trying to get published/look at awards? (Obviously easier said than done) Should I even bother applying for the next cycle? My thesis won’t be done by December and I won’t have Spring 2019 grades which will hopefully be raising my GPA What range of schools should I be looking at? I need to get some additional recommenders. I’ve seen advice on here along the lines of “just ask to be an RA for free” but I don’t think there’s much opportunity for that at my school. Should I cold call professors to ask to work with them? I haven’t cultivated many good contacts in my dept. other than my thesis advisor. If you’re still reading this, thank you. I’d appreciate any thoughts you have. I haven’t gotten to talk to many mentors at school so it’s extremely helpful.

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