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  1. I know!! The cost of living in Boston is extremely high. If I get accepted to any of the schools in the area, my husband and I (we're young lol) will most definitely be looking for a roommate. I also met a girl who is from Boston and told me that she will be applying to Worcester State (which is 45min- 1hr away) and said with the transit system it is easy to get there.
  2. Hi! I am from Miami, FL and I earned a Bachelor's degree in psychology. I will be applying to five schools in with Boston Area (BU, MGHIHP, Emerson, Northeaster, Worcester), two in D.C. (Gallaudet, George Washington), and three in Florida (FAU, NOVA, FIU). Thinking about adding one more school to the list (NYU). I know it is a lot to apply to but I also know it is very competitive. I visited 4 schools in Boston and the amount of applicants they receive is around 600, and about 45 have a chance of acceptance. My biggest concern is definitely my GRE scores. I just took it yesterday and received a Q:144 & V:152. I will be taking it a second time in three weeks. I think my GPA is average 3.27, and I have all my LOR's. I will be working on making a strong letter of intent. Best luck to all! ?
  3. Hi!!! Are you still available to look over personal statements? I am actually starting to apply to grad school for SLP and I am starting to work on my personal statement. I actually have multiple to right. If you are able to, that would be great. Let me know and thank you in advance!
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