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  1. Hello, I recently earned an MA in English, with an emphasis in literature, and I plan to continue my educational journey by applying to a PhD program. The issue I have is that I do not know what type of PhD to pursue. I have been blessed, or perhaps cursed with an eclectic taste in academic areas. My MA was an examination of Harvey Pekar's The Quitter, focusing on the juxtaposition between Pekar's text and Dean Haspiel's illustrations. However, my current obsession is with the Ramacharitmanas. Regardless of whether I write on graphic literature in the contemporary, European/American model or in the classical, Indian model, my writing will still deal with text and graphic interpretation and how the level of collaboration between the two parties, if there is any, effects the final product. Would this topic fall under the purview of literature or comparative literature? If I focused on the Ramacharitmanas, would this topic fit in well with South Asian studies program? Is South Asian studies considered an interdisciplinary program? I eagerly await your input in this matter.

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