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  1. I thought so. Thanks so much for sharing this! And congrats on your upcoming offer
  2. Do you know of Information Sciences & Technology (ist.psu.edu) students were also invited?
  3. I'm not worried about interviewing. I'm worried about not getting interviews to begin with!
  4. Cool..I applied to their Info. Sci. program. Haven't heard from them yet. Seems like they do conduct interviews. My fingers are crossed.
  5. You applied to Informatics/Information Science programs? Where did you interview?
  6. Which interdisciplinary program did you apply? Information Science?
  7. Did you had an interview with them?
  8. Did you interview with them?
  9. Did you interview with all the universities that extended an offer to you?
  10. I think you're right. If research interests purely align with theirs, then students are usually excused from interviews. But I'm sure there's post-admitted "interview"?
  11. or some applicants get lucky and just get admitted without any interviews?
  12. In one of my first apps, I totally forgot to write my after PhD plans. (it's corporate research) It was too late to contact them as they already started reviewing applications. Am I screwed and done? I'm still pissed off and angry..and sad
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