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  1. Thank you for your reply. I also received an admission letter an hour ago. Maybe there is still remaining few slots.
  2. Hi all, I saw one UT Austin computer science Ph.D. admission posting. Anyone else who receives Ph.D. admission from Austin? All admissions have already been out? Thanks.
  3. Has anyone received an admission from Penn State CSE Ph.D. program? I have not seen any rejection or acceptance records. Does anyone know about the current status?
  4. I am also in a hard situation like you. I hope the department will send the result as soon as possible. Thanks for reply.
  5. Have you heard any news since then?
  6. Are there still remaining acceptance letters?
  7. Has anybody checked the decision status through the website? I cannot find the link.
  8. Thanks, but I cannot see the "Decision Status" link. What is the problem?
  9. Hi, I am an applicant of UCLA Ph.D. program. I saw some accentance and rejection of this program. But, I have received neither of them. There is still a chance of admission?
  10. I saw some posts about the admission from Purdue ECE Ph.D. program. Have all admissions been already sent out ? Or there are still remaining admissions? Anybody know about the Purdue ECE status?
  11. Have all admissions from UCLA been sent out? I have received neither acceptance nor rejection. ;( Is there a waited list in UCLA?
  12. I am waiting for admission from UCLA and Penn State. Has anyone heard about any news from them?
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