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  1. I am a 2nd year PhD student in Statistics. For different reasons, I have been mulling the idea of switching to a different Stats PhD program. Would my current PhD grades carry some weight with my application? Would that be the case in Europe? Thank you for your take on this.
  2. What's a reasonable time frame for the admission process? I haven't heard anything yet, so I don't know when should I come to terms with the idea that I wasn't accepted.
  3. I was waitlisted at The University of Chicago last year, when I applied to their PhD program in Statistics. I'm not sure if this actually means something or not. Any opinion or advise is well received
  4. When you say 30-50 you mean in the US News school rankings? Edit: I'm an International Student, so I don't think my institutions have much prestige in the US. In my home country though, they are flagship institutions.
  5. I'm an international student looking for advice on which schools to apply. I would really appreciate your insight, recommendations and criticism. Bs Degrees: Mathematics, Economics, Statistics. GPA: 3.28 Msc Degree: Mathematics. GPA: 3.39 Type of student: Latin male. Program desired: PhD in Statistics Research Experience: coauthor of one published chapter for Springer's Contributions to Statistics. Teaching: 5+ years as an adjunct teacher. Teaching calculus and statistics for engineering and social sciences. Programming: Proficient at R, MATLAB. Basic knowledge
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