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  1. Thank you again for the comment! I presume that "rest of my application" refers to my SOP, personal statement, good grades on remaining courses, and most importantly letters of recommendation?
  2. Thank you for your words of advice! I have one more question regarding the Math subject GRE. Do you think that taking the Math subject GRE is worth it? Just by looking at this forum, some ppl say that it's not really useful unless the school explicitly asks for it (eg. Stanford), while others seem to say that taking the subject test will be quite beneficial for one's application. Considering that I would have to invest quite a significant portion of my time if I had to take the math subject test (I didn't take number theory, differential geometry, etc.), would it be better to just focus on oth
  3. I'm an international student from South Korea, and I would like some feedback on the schools that I've chosen to apply to. My stats are: Undergrad Institution: Top 3 in South Korea (Korea or Yonsei) Major: 1st major - Business , 2nd major - Statistics GPA: 4.20/4.5 (96.6 / 100 or about 3.77 / 4.00 approximately depending on the conversion policy) Student Type: International Asian Male GRE General Test: 163 Verbal (93%) , 169 Quant (95%) , 4.5 Analytical Writing (81%) Courses: Math - Calculus I (A+), Calculus II (A) (In our school, calc I/II covers all up to multivaria
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