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  1. is there anyone applying to Saskatchean Univesity?
  2. Hello Friends and Colleagues, I am interested in applying for PhD in Applied Economics, I have a degree in Agricultural Economics, My undergraduate grade was 3.51/5 CGPA scale), I have a Masters degree in Agricultural Economics (Mphil 4.0/7CGPA scale) and a Masters (Distinction 3.78/4 CGPA scale) degree in Agricultural Policy and rural development, I had a score of 148 verbal and 147 in quantitative reasoning on my GRE, and 5 in my analytical writing. I have written three papers which are presently under consideration in both Elsevier journals of Rural studies and African trade. My field of r
  3. Hi everyone, I am an intending Phd candidate, I have a second class honours(upper division) in Agricultural economics, I have a Master degree in Agricultural Economics (Mphil), I have a masters in Agricultural policy and development (Distinction), i have some few years experience; as an intern in a research institute in my country, a contract staff in a government ministry of environment and forestry; and some years as a class instructor. I also have three papers that i have submitted for publication. I have some awards and fantastic recommendations. I would like you all to advice me on the fo
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