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  1. Wow nice! I just got into University of Washington off the wait list and accepted their offer faster than I could get to the site. Thanks for the answer!!
  2. Hi there! I was placed on two wait lists so I know how you feel. I was on one for University of Washington and USC. In the meantime I took the advice of a friend and called the admission offices and told me I was more than willing to wait just so that my name would be on their minds, ya know? Apparently it helped because I just got accpeted to University of Washington yesterday!! Best of luck to you, try not to get discouraged!!
  3. Yep! Totally aok if you are uncomfortable giving them, i'm just curious about accepted applicants!
  4. Thank you for all of the wonderful input, especially you fuzzylogician! Also Nibor6000 congratulations on your acceptances, how exciting!! I agree too, I do need more paid experience, which was always something I was aware, but maybe a little naive about. However pinkbadger, I think you must have misread or gotten the wrong idea from my original post. i don't think I need an attitude adjustment at all. It seemed like from what you said you were a wreck when you did not get in - that is not the case for me. A little disappointment, which is only human, is what I felt. I'm sure you did not mea
  5. I just graduated from Notre Dame de Namur University, a small private school in California. I did not take the GRE as none of the schools required it and I did not need anything to supplement my GPA since it was already pretty good.
  6. Hello all you MSW hopefuls! So I am just looking out there to see if anyone else has had the same experience as I have. I applied to U Washington, USC, and Portland State. I was trying to get into the program straight away from my undergrad. I thought that I had done enough to get in! I have been a volunteer with disadvantaged people for 5 years now, I have a 3.5, a kick butt essay (says my lit professor), and glowing LOR's. SO, then why have I been rejected from PSU, waitlisted at U Washington, and have yet to hear from USC?? I have worked so hard, I just don't understand. Of course I have
  7. Hey Dfox! Congrats! I'm still waiting on mine, what are your stats??
  8. Oh my goodness! Has anyone been accepted to PSU yet? I was waitlisted at University of Washington and am waiting back from USC and PSU. I am going crazy over here, I swear I check the PSU site everyday other day..still says In Progress. Darn!
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