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  1. Thanks! I will keep moving forward in the future!
  2. Thanks for your concern! Well for most of the projects, I was rejected. I think maybe I am still not qualified enough to compete with other applicants. But thanksfully I got a MA offer from Indiana. And congradulations on your admission for Brown! (I’ve seen that in the post for NELC)
  3. Thanks! Wish you the best too! I have applied to almost every university that has nelc program in the US, like U Mich, IU Bloomington, UCLA etc. Now I am so worried that I check my mail-box everyday, but still there is no news. I am quite interested in temple rituals and festivals in New Kingdom and later age. Now I am focused on some rituals in the Ptolemaic Period.
  4. yes I have finished my application. I have applied to about 10 programs,and I am waiting for the results now. It is so glad to know other applicants in egyptology!
  5. Well I'm going to apply for programs in Egyptology this year, but I find the useful information for this topic is so few. And I only have studied the elementary Greek, Latin and Middle Egyptian with out knowing any of the modern language like French and German. I'am so worried that I may not be competitive at all compared to other applicants! And the number of the universities that offer Egyptology programs are limited. So is anyone else here wants to study Egyptology in the future? I hope we can help each other and share the information.

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