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  1. First, congrats to everyone who will be attending Pitt this fall! Second, a question: if you are in the BioE PhD program, have you heard anything yet about orientation, class registration, etc.? Actually, if you are in another program, have you heard anything about next steps, to prepare for the fall? I imagine the answer varies by program, but I would be interested if anyone who will be attending Pitt in the fall has heard anything yet. (I have not!)
  2. And of course, when T says that, he wants people to think he got an MBA from there. Which he did not!
  3. Yes, but it was not a decision, after all. They said there is another interview next week, and that my app will be reviewed for a final decision in that meeting. They said they should be able to give me a decision by Feb. 15th. Did anyone else get a similar email?
  4. Weill Cornell said that admission decisions for applicants who interviewed last week will be emailed today or tomorrow. The wait, and the constant email-checking, is making me crazy!
  5. One of the schools I have applied to definitely has formal interview weekends. As far as I can tell from the Results section here, the school has not yet sent out any interview invitations, and based on last year, they probably won't do that until the last week of January. In the meantime, I got a really nice and very positive email from a PI saying that I am the kind of candidate he hires, and that he would like to meet with me if I visit the school. I did not name him in my personal statement, but his lab does look very interesting. I responded by thanking him, of course, and sai
  6. I thought I was the only one worried about not getting any confirmation from SurveyMonkey! It is a weird system. I would think you could email Weill Cornell now and just explain your concern. You would at least be getting back to them on the deadline day. And/or you could try taking the survey again and see if you are able to submit it. (Also, do what I wish I had done, which is to take a screenshot of each page! I just assumed I would get a copy of what I had submitted.)
  7. Congrats! Do you (or does anyone else) know if WashU sends out all their interview invitations at once? (Haven't gotten one yet today, and I'm not sure if I should be disappointed yet!)
  8. ^^^ Also, about not receiving a confirmation from SurveyMonkey on the Weill Cornell Neuroscience response card: When I go back to the invitation email and click on the link for the response card, I end up at a SurveyMonkey page that says I have already taken the survey. I am hoping that is a good sign that Weill Cornell actually received my response. (Although that doesn't stop me from worrying that I accidentally clicked on the wrong response in the survey! Should have taken a screenshot of each page. Oh well!)
  9. I had the exact same question, but posted in the general Biology thread. Someone else wondered about this as well, and emailed Weill Cornell this morning. I am not sure if that person applied to Neuroscience, but in any case, they contacted Weill Cornell and it looks as if all is well. >> See this post: https://forum.thegradcafe.com/topic/109845-2019-applicant-profiles-and-admissions-results/?do=findComment&comment=1058637062
  10. I have the same question -- no email from Altour yet, in either inbox or spam. I also never received any kind of confirmation that I had submitted the SurveyMonkey electronic response card. The only email I have so far related to the Weill Cornell interview weekend is the initial one from Dec. 21. So I worry a bit that the SurveyMonkey form did not go through. :-/
  11. My son applied to CU Denver Neuroscience, and has not heard anything yet.
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