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  1. I think I've made my decision, going to UWash online! I just decided at the end of the day I'm going to school to learn so I should pick the program in my budget with the most classes I'm interested in.
  2. I did! Currently into Universiry of Strathclyde and City University of London and waiting on UCL. I’d love to go to the UK because my boyfriend is there and also it’s cheaper and faster and they seem to be more generous with aid. But I have the same concerns as you. I don’t want to commit all my eggs to the UK basket since emigrating will be a long and difficult process and I don’t want a degree that won’t work back home.
  3. Interesting! They said I could put in a request to the admissions committee. I’m surprised that you said online is more competitive. I’d heard the opposite but who really knows!
  4. I’m in to University of Washington’s residential program!! Wasn’t originally going to apply since it’s so far from home but then the more I looked into it the more I liked the program. It’s my top choice in the US, but does anyone know if they would consider allowing a student admitted for residential to switch to online? I’m sure Seattle is great, but if I’m going to be a 6 hour flight from home I’d rather live in the UK.
  5. I'm aware, but UNC does require it, so I had to take it. But all turned out fine, even the math.
  6. Where is everyone applying? I'm doing UMich, Rutgers and Chapel Hill in the US, maybe Queens College if the first three don't pan out. I'm also applying to some programs in the UK as well. I'm applying from abroad so I'm super nervous about the process. Also anyone else petrified of the GRE? Taking it Thursday and the math is definitely freaking me out.
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