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  1. Jerusalem

    CSULB MSW fall 2019

    Oh that sucks! I am currently at CSUSM. I applied to CalApply on October 3rd and still nothing.
  2. Jerusalem

    CSULB MSW fall 2019

    Hey:) Good Luck to you too! You have a really good GPA. And I thought you can get licensed with MS in psychology. I am currently doing my undergrad in psychology. Have you gotten your ID from CSULB?
  3. Jerusalem

    CSULB MSW fall 2019

    Hey, I wanted to start a thread to share stats and acceptance/rejection timelines. I am currently applying to CSULB, CSULA, and CSUDH. Cal state long beach is my top choice. I am ready to turn in my application as soon as I get my ID. My overall GPA is 3.1 and my last 60 unit GPA is 3.5. I only have one Social work related work experience but I have worked there for 3 years. I have also worked as a research and teaching assistant for 2 years. Hopefully, that will help.

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