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    Corpus of Bergamasque Dialect

    I am in my last year of BA in Linguistics (University of Huddersfield, England) and I am interested in studying the Bergamasque dialect (more info on the dialect at the bottom). At the moment, research of this dialect might be a little problematic because of the scarcity of available empirical data on its use. I would like to build a comprehensive corpus of this dialect allowing other linguists to carry out more research. To carry out this project, should I look for an institution that specialises in dialectology or corpus linguistics? Or both? Should the university specialise in a specific range of dialects? Should I opt for a Master or a PhD? Do you know any university which might want to support me in this project? Please, let me know if you have any idea on how I should proceed. Thank you. ________________________________ More info about the dialect: Bergamasque (in Italian: Bergamasco; in Bergamasque: Bergamàsch) is a dialect of the Italo-Gallic Lombard Language, a dialect primarily spoken in the Italian town of Bergamo and the surrounding region. As a “standard version” of the Lombard Language has not officially been defined, people are only known to speak varieties (dialects) of such languages, Bergamasque being one of them.

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