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  1. Yes, yes, and yes. I would add that research is going to be a BIG part of any application. I would join a lab and try to make an impression with the PI to get a good letter of rec.
  2. Do you live in the US? If so, what area do you live in? I ask because there are only a few places (SD, SF Bay, SLC, Bos, DC metro, NJ) where chemists working in industry can make a decent living. So, you might have to move just to find yourself a decent opportunity. As far as applications go, don't even bother. Get yourself partnered with a head hunter. Start by sending out your resume to talent recruiting companies around your area. You might also want to check out the chemistry reddit. Tons of career advise.
  3. I'm in the Chemistry Ph.D. program at UNR. It's cool, I don't mind living in Reno at all. Although, coming from a big city I would say it is a little too "car centric" for my tastes.
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