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  1. Globo

    WFP Future International Talent (FIT) Pool

    Hi All! @Devinx1: that was super fast! Are you applying for P2/P3 or P4? I am also on the process. So far, I have made it to the motivational interview. I have not been contacted since then, and I think the pannel interviews might be over in January. Best!
  2. Globo

    WFP Future International Talent (FIT) Pool

    Hi Victor! I am new around here! Nice to hear that there others on the process! Congrats for continuing on the process! As per the language test, I do not think that it is a must. I have checked on an interview WFP made a few months ago, about the FIT Pool process, and they did not mention it. You can check that out on the faceebook of WFP, where there is an interview. I would like to ask you about the video interview. Can you describe the questions you were asked? Thanks in advance! Jason

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