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  1. That's great, @deirdrenyc! And nope, haven't heard/seen anything about NW IPTD decisions. Just an email from them last month asking about an upload.
  2. I received a few rejections this week, which I weathered fine given the earlier good news. But I can imagine how I’d be losing it had these come in a different order. So keep faith. As the IRA would say, we only have to be lucky once...
  3. Thanks! Everything has been via email.
  4. Just got accepted to Columbia. Delirious.
  5. I believe Stanford have contacted their shortlist. Haven't seen/heard anything about the others, @TheNextSupreme.
  6. Seems like Brown's been in touch for interviews.
  7. Just received an interview request from Columbia. Very excited.
  8. @elleaygee Search "performance" under Results.
  9. No news for me. Although I saw on the results page some people have been contacted for interviews by Stanford and Northwestern (PS).
  10. @Troodondodo I'm mostly done mine, yeah. I have other end-of-year projects to tend to, so I largely worked on my SOP during the summer. I did talk to a handful of professors, although not one at every school I'm applying. A few good conversations, I think. How about you? @deirdrenyc Thanks, you too!
  11. Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, Northwestern IPTD, Stanford. And likely a few more. How about you, @Troodondodo? I already regret the "sassy" moments of my SOP. Dark thoughts. For those interested, the UCLA supplemental app finally went live a couple of days ago.
  12. Hi @seizing. Quite a few programs have people on faculty who study experimental or avant-garde theater. I think your best bet is to find some scholarship you admire and then seek out those authors. You don't want to get stuck with someone who writes nonsense about the thing love.
  13. Thought I'd get this one started...
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