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  1. i just found out yesterday that i got a full grant to india!! i can't believe they made us wait sooo long! i am beyond excited and i hope everyone in this forum gets it. i'd love to hear about people's projects if they're going!
  2. hmm...i did, but she said she couldn't tell me over the phone and that the only way they could do so was by mail. maybe i'll shoot her an email and ask again?
  3. India decisions have been made!! I talked to Cara on the phone and apparently they'll be mailed starting today through Monday. We should be getting them late next week! I'm having trouble thinking about anything else....I really hope we all get it!! I need some advice though: I, obviously, don't know whether I'll get the fulbright or not. And I have a job interview that I have to fly out across the country for (pay for my own air fare and make a 30 minute presentation). The job I'm interviewing for has already pushed my in-person interview this late in April because they liked me on the pho
  4. any news on India??? The wait is too long!! o_O congrats to all of you who have gotten accepted!!
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