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  1. Thanks so much for details and if you don’t mind me adding something else, how do you think of the workload of the program? Like how an elective is assessed, as I heard MAPH don’t do sit in exams so I guess the courses are all assessed by essays and how long should they be normally? Also, are you free to choose any thesis advisor in your field, or are limited by only a few? Again, can’t be more grateful for your reply.
  2. Can I ask (as I'm hovering between going to NYU or MAPH at the moment) is the support thing true? If the legendary faculty base doesn't really take you through things, how does the "thesis workshop" work? I'm not a native speaker and if I choose MAPH in the end it'd be the assumption that the faculty can provide better support in taking my writings to a new level while I doubt if people in NYU even have time for students as they have so many other jobs to do in the city. But after seeing what you said I do have to rethink that. Also I wonder how many people are in the core course and is t
  3. Thank you for the advice. I've looked at the program but I don't think I can handle 7 years straight...Gonna look for some MAs programs. Thank you so much for answering. Btw, if you don't mind me asking, what MA art history program are you in?
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a current applicant struggling to choose my MA program and I'm here for some advice. I have a BA in art history in UK and I don't necessarily hate it. But the thing is, I really want to study cinema for my masters and it seems that art history in the U.S. usually offer no terminal MA (some do but rare) while cinema do. While undecided on if I'm going to continue study art history for a Ph.D, I wonder if anyone know people who entered an art history Ph.D with a focus or a major in cinema studies. i.e. someone not cut off by art history due to their nonconsecutive majors.
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