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  1. Anonymous Turtle

    UChicago Harris 2019

    Just when I thought all hopes are lost...I got up to see a dry email stating that the application status has changed. I logged in to see the acceptance letter (MSCAPP) with a funding letter (15k). Bright morning here for me...delighted!!!
  2. Anonymous Turtle

    UChicago Harris 2019

    Last year there were around 10 updates on results board on the same or next day (22/23 Dec 17) when the calls came for EA. This year there's just one. Is that it?
  3. Anonymous Turtle

    UChicago Harris 2019

    Congratulations to the ones who got the call! Did anyone get a call for MSCAPP? The tweet says they will be calling today and tomorrow. So technically in India, it was last night and tonight. I am still hopeful, let's see.
  4. Anonymous Turtle

    UChicago Harris 2019

    I have applied for MSCAPP early action. I saw the tweet too. Hopefully the decisions should be rolled out by this Friday! All the best to everyone. I have applied to HKS, MIT and WWS also.

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