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  1. Just status change. I applied for scholarship exclusively for fine arts
  2. I got status of application rejected Best of luck for all
  3. From selection made to application rejected
  4. You ll recieve letter of award soon. you got the scholarship congratulations
  5. They are sending acceptance and rejection at the same time. I applied for masters scholarship in fine arts. Some of students got acceptance, some got rejection but my results are still unknown. So don't loss hope
  6. Yes you got the scholarship. You ll recieve letter of award soon
  7. yes hope for the best. Game is on๐Ÿ˜
  8. This week they are only sending rejections. I didn't saw a single person that get acceptance in this week. I am losing hope day by day
  9. I think they are sending rejections. They were already send acceptance
  10. I saw some students get acceptance. And i heard they were sending acceptance till 4 april
  11. I feel sad for you and i can understand your pain
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