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  1. Congrats!! I also got accepted as a ETA to Indonesia! I am not sure what are their standards for medical stuff, I think if your doctor resumes that you are in good health at the moment, it shouldn't be a problem. Good Luck!
  2. thanks Sally, I am trying to talk to anyone else who got into Indonesia, but no one responds. I also called the program manager and email him, but no respond yet. I am just confuse why they ask for that information in the first place. Is anyone else being ask for their Bank info at this stage? WHY? -melina
  3. i'm confuse... last week I got a very short email saying I got the Fulbright for Indonesia... with no more information... other than I've been selected and will get information soon. I am still waiting on the package with the rest of the info. to arrive today i get another email asking me for all this personal information, including "A complete bank account information: Name of beneficiary; a complete bank address; bank account number; bank routing number" they also asked me for flight infor and visa stuff... but I still dont know what days am i suppose to leave the US, nor where I am goin
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