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  1. I've been on matched since the beginning and nothing ever changed, sort of excited to see my status as released today. At least someone looked at me, anyone else having a similar situation?
  2. For those that are already doing there PhD (I am a third year) is there anything we need to submit to GEM for confirmation that our university will support us if we get the fellowship? I have verbal confirmation but we are not sure if we have to submit something in writing.
  3. @ray92 I was also reading on last years forum some people were on matched and then changed to held/released, so better not to get hopes up too soon!
  4. If we have been matched with an employer this early, how long do they typically take to notify you?
  5. My status also changed to matched, I just checked this morning. At least for me, this must have happened after the email because I also checked right when i received the email and it was still unmatched.
  6. Is anyone else here applying for the fellowship but already in grad school?
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