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  1. I applied last minute (I am talking extremely last minute, like the day before it was due) for the HRSA special program scholarship... kind of thinking that I don't really have a chance because they probably already accepted everyone they want to give the scholarship to. I haven't heard back yet, but not getting my hopes up. Anyone else apply last minute to special programs?
  2. I never received an official notification either! I just found out through the portal website that I was accepted. I wonder when they would even send the emails with the official admission decision?... Sorta confused! Is anyone else in the advanced standing interpersonal communication with a health focus program? If so, let me know!!:)
  3. Nice! I also applied to the same program. Hopefully I will hear back soon- the wait is excruciating, haha.
  4. Hi! I also applied to UMich priority deadline! (I submitted right on Dec 1st!) Congrats on getting in! What program? And when did you submit your application???
  5. @harpert1 Agreed! Good luck to you! What program did you apply for?
  6. Ahhh, that's so long!!! The waiting game is going to be difficult, but we can do it. Good luck to you!:)
  7. Hi there! I haven't found any threads for the MSW program at University of Michigan for fall 2019, so I thought I'd start one! I just turned in my application Monday December 1st and now it's basically a waiting game to hear back... I applied for the interpersonal communication program with a focus in health. Just wanted to see who else is applying to U of M MSW program! Good luck to all applying!
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