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  1. I am, I emailed them last week but no response. I guess I was rejected.
  2. I'm wondering if I can still visit a school after accepting the offer from another program. Does anyone know about this?
  3. Really? Do they separate the offers for domestic and international students?
  4. I don't think it will hurt the app, but probably a "we don't know" answer. I'll just go with "I'm just wondering the status of my application?" Also I saw from the results that some people get notified that they are rejected by UCLA when they email to ask, so I guess they will give me an answer, but I'm still hesitant since I worry that this will show that I don't trust the PI. Will the department and the faculty get in touch regarding such questions?
  5. So...are you going to email the department to check?
  6. Thank you for the answer! I just feel that his words are not 100% sure so I was kinda anxious. Also, he is on the admissions committee and I saw many people have already got official letters from UCLA so I am still worried.
  7. So...I have a question for you guys. I contacted a professor earlier and he told me last Tuesday like this: "I heard from the graduate office in our department that you could be receiving an offer from UCLA relatively soon. Fingers crossed." But I haven't heard anything officially from the department. Should I email the department to check my status? Is it rude or impolite regarding the professor? I really need some advice, thank you guys so much!
  8. Congrats on your acceptances! Do you mind me asking if your acceptances from UCLA and UW are official offers or from individual professors?
  9. So have you received the official offer from them? I assume it's UCLA?
  10. Your background looks great, may I ask which places you were already admitted?
  11. I agree, it's still early though, they have too many applicants to deal with and there are some people that will reject the offers.
  12. Me too...and is there anyone who hasn't got any response? I'm stressed out.
  13. Well...I hope not...it is really early if they already send out all of the offers...but I'm very worried
  14. Has anyone heard back from UT Austin or UCLA, it seems like they are sending out offers?
  15. I applied to UW-Madison, mine is also "received and will be reviewed by your program". The staff told me that their committee won't start reviewing until late December, but I don't understand if it is like this, why do they say they use a rolling review rule?
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