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  1. I haven't heard from UT Austin (cognitive psychology) yet. I heard from my POI at Rice (cognitive and affective neuroscience) this past weekend letting me know that my application was still under serious consideration but due to a variety of different factors it may be several weeks before he knows more. Hope this helps.
  2. I got an email 1/25 from my POI letting me know that I hadn't been selected for the formal interview. Hope that helps.
  3. I’ve had a Skype interview with my POI whose initials are HLU. She said she was interviewing 5 over Skype and then picking one to bring to an on campus interview.
  4. To the person that was rejected from UT Austin Cognitive Psych yesterday, could you tell me how you found out? Was it a mass email or directly from your POI? I applied to their Cog. Neuroscience program and haven't heard anything back yet.
  5. Has anyone heard anything from these schools/programs: --Washington University in St. Louis (Clinical) --Duke (Clinical) --University of Texas at Austin (Cognitive) --Tufts (Cognitive) --Rice (Cognitive) Thanks! And good luck everyone!
  6. To the University of Texas at Austin Cognitive PhD poster, would you mind DMing me your POI's initials?? Also, congrats!
  7. I got an email this morning saying I wasn’t being considered for their Clinical program but that I wouldn’t get an official rejection for a few months. Bummer but it’s only one out of the 14 I applied to so still hopeful.
  8. Who is your POI that contacted you from Miami?
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