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  1. Hello folks - I've been admitted to MS programs in both schools and am having trouble deciding which to commit to. I'm nervous about getting pulled in by the Columbia prestige and missing out on the Courant education. Is one program significantly better than the other? What are the key differences? Thanks in advance.
  2. @Sau Thanks for the thoughtful response. My interview questions were similar
  3. Hi folks - Would anyone be able to shed some light on the types of questions being asked in the digital interview for the MS programs at Columbia Fu? The questions may vary by program/department, but I have a hunch that they are similar. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know what the typical application profile looks like of a NYU/Columbia Math MS admitted student? Above a certain GPA, GRE, Research exp, work exp? Having a hard time nailing down an applicant profile to compare.
  5. Hi - Years later, mind sharing which program you picked and the experience you had? Also, whatever color around your admissions statistics you feel comfortable sharing would also be really helpful. Thank you.
  6. Now what about which Bachelor's major you see as more useful/having more flexibility and longevity? Math, Statistics, or CS? I'm going to take both CS and Math classes next semester and see what I'm more interested in/what comes more naturally, but just curious which you think is more useful. I figure that to be competitive for the top undergraduate research opportunities, I'd need to make sure I have some advanced coursework under my belt prior to applying. It seems like CS moves a bit slower in my school (prerequisites) and takes longer to get to the more advanced coursework. Thou
  7. Again, thank you for taking the time to reply and offer your advice. @Stat PhD Now Postdoc - RE Masters: I meant to ask for your opinion of the preparation potential between a Masters in Statistics vs a Masters in Applied Math with regards to ML. @orchidnora - I've enrolled back at the same school that I received my first degree from, therefore, they start me on this degree with 90/120 credits, and I only have to complete the ~34 credits of Math/Stat to get the second BA in Math. I've built out a plan to take ~48 across 3 semesters with the option of maybe doing a 4th semester to t
  8. Right off the bat, thank you. Your responses are already so helpful. I know I'm overreaching in terms of timeline. I am by all means interested in Masters programs. I've mapped out the next 3-4 semesters to complete the math bachelor's degree. Again, responses from this community are incredibly helpful and I just have a few follow ups: RE Python: I'd like to get a grip on python simultaneously. I've looked through both bootcamps and online classes. Are there any that you would personally recommend? Are there alternative ways you've learned (specific books that were better than
  9. Hi Guys - I was hoping the community would be able to offer some advice for unusual applicants. I've read a lot of threads that feature the typical undergrad Math/Stat/CS majors looking to jump right into a grad program, however, I haven't been able to find too many for people looking to switch industries or re-educate themselves with prerequisites with the intention of applying for Math/Stat/CS PhD programs. RE myself, please see below for some high-level stats : Undergrad Institution: Honors program at small US public school Majors: Pre-Med Concentrations: Cognitive Neuroscience GPA
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