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  1. Seems like there’s been some random activity from UPenn (the one waitlist listed?)
  2. Seems like they'll take stock of how interested the visiting students are, and see how many turn down the offer right away before sending out any more potential acceptances. Definitely seems like there won't be too many more though...
  3. Would it be bad to email Columbia again to check in on things? I emailed them 3ish weeks ago, and they said they were hoping to have their offers "finalized in the next two weeks". Not sure if now is too soon, but many people seem to be wondering the same...
  4. Still nothing new from Columbia/UPenn since their initial round of offers/emails?
  5. Also waiting. They said they wanted to be done “finalizing offers” last week, but apparently not. Hoping there are a few left.
  6. Anyone else who hasn’t heard from UPenn yet? ?
  7. At this point could it hurt to email Columbia to ask, or would a rejection just be released earlier?
  8. Hm. My PI at my undergrad (on the admissions committee) told me not to, because most of the time emails to the department get a generic “we don’t know yet” response, or in some cases can hurt your app... What would you normally ask?
  9. Also waiting on an "unofficial" decision. Prof is changing schools, but all but promised that admissions wouldn't be a concern/was already planning projects. I would assume it might take even longer for a decision to come through, since he isn't on the admissions committee for this application season. Very worried ?
  10. Probably not cause for panic if we didn't hear from Columbia today, yes? Seems like last year they sent out acceptances throughout January and then rejections in February...
  11. Not sure if this is the place for this, but I've been running into some grad-school related relationship issues? My partner is VERY hesitant to enter into the SDR/LDR (45min - 2 hr away by train) stage of our relationship after a year and a half together. He still has two years left at our undergrad, and just doesn't think that he could be happy without me there all the time. I would still visit as often as possible, but he doesn't think that the "electronic" relationship between visits could work. We've worked out that it's not an issue of love or long-term compatibility - we both agree on this - but nonetheless all I've been able to manage is a reply of "why don't we talk about it again closer to graduation?" I'm still going to try like hell to convince him, and I think there's still a decent chance, but anyone else having these issues?
  12. Hi! Waiting on UPenn, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Stony Brook. [See anxious ramblings here].
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